FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software

FRACPRO software improves performance from your wells by giving you the knowledge necessary to achieve successful stimulations. Regardless of formation type, permeability or location, using FRACPRO software can lead to optimized contact area, spacing, EUR and economic performance.

Comprehensive modeling of any variable

The software can effectively model any type of pressure stimulation job, including horizontal well fracturing, multiple perforated intervals and limited entry wells. It can model fracture growth in any formation—carbonate, sandstone and shale.

The first software to simulate and optimize zipper fracs

FRACPRO properly sequences and simulates multiple wellbores and high-density network fracture techniques just as they would be done on location.

For single and multiple treatment horizontal wells, FRACPRO software allows creation of multiple pump schedules and reservoirs in a single file. The software even simulates dipping reservoirs and calculates interference stress.

3D modeling and display

Powerful FRACPRO software features enhanced graphic displays that allow you to pan, tilt and zoom to better investigate individual fracture characteristics. FRACPRO accurately displays fracture geometry, propped fracture height and proppant placement within the reservoir.

Gain in-depth understandingFRACPRO software screenshot

FRACPRO software allows understanding of proppant placement, conductivity improvements and fracture dimensions. The sophisticated software has the capability to incorporate the effects of proppant damage due to crushing, embedment, stress cycling, and non-Darcy and multiphase flow.

Customize models with your real-time data

With FRACPRO software, you can capture fracture data in real time, allowing you to customize and calibrate models for your specific application.


  • Built-in libraries of fluid and proppant
  • Real-time onsite monitoring and evaluation
  • Supports dipping reservoirs for multiple-treatment horizontal wells
  • Fully integrated analysis tools for diagnostic injections
  • Reservoir properties import directly from log files
  • Available in English, Chinese and Russian versions


  • Simple interface allows easy first time use
  • Allows customization and calibration for your specific application
  • Design and display multiple-treatment and multiple wellbore fracturing jobs in a single file
  • Allows creation of multiple pump schedules and reservoirs in a single file
  • Special 3D displays allow for clear visualization of fracture placement along the lateral

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See how the power and capabilities of FRACPRO software can benefit you.


How does FRACPRO compare to other fracture simulation software?

How does FRACPRO compare

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