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HVAC Equipment Pads

The EQUIPMENTGUARD AC base pad provides a stable and durable platform for equipment such as air conditioner condensers and pumps for pools and spas. EQUIPMENTGUARD AC pads are engineered to provide maximum compressive strength and stability despite their light weight. They are ideal for applications that do not require drilling into the pad.

Unlike with a poured concrete pad, A/C or pool equipment installs in less than 5 minutes. And the pad can last decades without cracking, crumbling for fading. The EQUIPMENTGUARD AC pad outperforms inferior plastic and rubber alternatives because it resists shrinking or cracking, even under harsh UV exposure. It is proven to withstand temperatures from -40ºF to 165ºF.


  • Lightweight pads are easy to transport and install
  • Unlike poured concrete, EQUIPMENTGUARD AC pads can be installed in less than 5 minutes and require no advance construction time
  • Provides exceptional support for heavy equipment
  • Greater resistance to weather and UV than plastic, rubber or concrete products
  • Displaces moisture and reduces equipment rust to extend the life of condensers and pumps
  • Resists chemical exposure to R-22, R-134a, synthetic canine urine, compressor oil and salt solution (20% by volume)
  • No assembly required. Available in custom sizes and shapes.
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