Spill Containment & Pond Liners

This is the industry standard—the most durable and impermeable liner technology available, proven in more than 36,000 installations in grueling oilfield conditions. Protects any industrial, agricultural or commercial site against leaks or spills of fluids, even hazardous chemicals.

The GROUNDGUARD liner uses a resilient geotextile base that resists wear or punctures from underneath, bonded to a seamless, leak-proof layer of our proprietary modified polyurea coating, creating a flexible, workable, virtually indestructible sheet.

Product Features

  • Features proprietary modified polyurea coating applied with a state-of-the-art automated process to ensure the highest level of consistency and coverage per square foot
  • Engineered and tested to resist tearing, puncturing and exposure to most industrial chemicals
  • Easy installation – heavy-duty liner rolls out and lays flat
  • Flat surface provides safer work environment by reducing trip hazards
  • Durable under heavy truck traffic
  • Weatherproof – withstands harsh UV conditions and temperature extremes from -40º  F to 200º  F
  • Can be easily cleaned and reused on multiple sites
  • Our slip-resistant product features a textured surface to reduce the risk of slips and falls – especially when wet

Available Colors


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Note: Crumb Rubber 10oz. option is only available in black and gray
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Manufactured using a 2x2 woven geotextile backing that does not absorb water or fluids
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GROUNDGUARD is vastly superior to plastic sheeting or any other type of self-installed material. It is a sophisticated system engineered to provide uncompromised protection against leaks and spills, with a demonstrated life of 20+ years under the harshest conditions.

GROUNDGUARD sheets can be sealed together to cover larger areas, and the liner can be attached to perimeter materials such as our POLY BERM, steel, concrete, wood or corrugated pipe to create a containment system.

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