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Portable Spill Containment

This reusable spill containment pad creates a seamless barrier for true protection from small leaks and spills during day-to-day operations. MOBILEGUARD pads use our proprietary modified polyurea lining and coating technology that maintains impermeability and puncture resistance under exposure to harsh UV and weather extremes. Substantially more durable than competing products made from PVC vinyl or other less effective materials. The seamless berm resists blow-outs even under frequent vehicle traffic.

Applications include: trucks, generators, compressors, hydraulic power units, gear boxes, small tanks and vessels, hose/pipe connections, and other equipment.  

Product Features

  • Patent-pending design provides the highest level of seamless protection from leaks and spills  
  • Engineered to resist tearing, puncturing and most chemicals
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit any application
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Color: Safety Yellow
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Price: $224.90
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