Industrial protection solutions

ASSETGUARD provides a range of innovative spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) products that offer the highest level of protection for your assets and the environment. They can be used to protect your equipment and the work site in virtually any industrial setting, especially where leaks or spills of liquids could pose a hazard.

Proprietary technology for unmatched protection

All ASSETGUARD products are engineered and constructed with a proprietary modified polyurea coating that provides a seamless, leakproof, maintenance-free layer of protection. It resists exposure to the harshest UV, chemical and temperature extremes. Nothing else comes close.

Durability proven in more than 36,000 installations

The lasting durability of our modified polyurea lining technology has been proven in more than 36,000 installations in demanding applications such as tank bases, storage vessels, fluid containment structures and worksite environmental protection pads.

Versatility is built in

ASSETGUARD products can be used indoors or outdoors, in any type of environment. They are lightweight and portable for easy installation and relocation. Liquids and solids will not stick to the chemically inert, impermeable coating, so the products are easily cleaned and re-used.

ASSETGUARD protection products are ideal when uncompromised protection and cost-effective solutions are required.




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