STRATAGEN fracture consulting services

Field consulting and data services

STRATAGEN field consulting services give our clients access to proven workflows along with our advisors’ vast fracture and operational expertise gained across the major unconventional resources plays.

Our advisors safeguard successful fracture execution in the field by responding to actual reservoir conditions and any operational issues you experience. We help you make well-informed decisions to meet your short- and long-term objectives by providing impartial advice based on best practices and the best available technologies in the industry.

STRATAGEN has helped operators save millions of dollars on their fracturing programs while improving fracture delivery. 

Field consulting services

Our onsite fracture advisors safeguard the execution of the optimal fracture design at the wellsite. Our team can perform real-time fracture engineering to overcome fracturing-related challenges experienced during stimulation. Our key services include:

  • Proppant placement
  • Diagnostics and interpretation
  • Quality assurance and quality control

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Frac data cleansing service

Analysis of the vast amount of frac data generated every day with an ever-increasing dataset is critical to achieving better operational efficiencies, well productivity and return on investment. Our DATASURE frac data cleansing service harnesses the petrotechnical expertise of our fracture consultants to understand raw data combined with efficient frac data processing tools to accelerate the generation of analysis-ready data. More on DATASURE service >


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