CARBO has established initiatives that are intended to demonstrate responsibility and enhance sustainability in our operations. These initiatives are integral to the company’s long-term business strategy. In addition to the letter from our President and CEO, we encourage you to read more about our sustainability efforts.

Environmental responsibility

Site selection for minimal impact

CARBO cares about being a good neighbor in the communities where we operate and work. We select locations for our facilities that have natural screening features such as trees, hills, and existing buildings. We focus on preserving these features to maintain a buffer between our facilities and their surroundings to minimize their impact on the area.

Low-impact mining practices and reclamation

Our mining contractors use low-impact practices and reclamation efforts to reduce the impact of our mining activities on the environment.  Once a mine has been exhausted, soil and other materials are placed in the mine to return the land’s contours. Trees and other native vegetation also are placed to minimize erosion and enhance the appearance of the property.

Emission control technologies

CARBO uses innovative emission control technologies such as dry sorbent injection (DSI) technology to control air pollutant emissions at our two largest manufacturing plants in Millen, Georgia and Toomsboro, Georgia. DSI has important advantages over competing technologies like wet scrubbers, which requires significant quantities of water and also produces large volumes of wastewater. By using DSI, CARBO has reduced emissions of several pollutants by as much as 90 percent while at the same time preserving water resources.

Proactive environmental business

FALCON TECHNOLOGIES focuses on proactive management of E&P environmental risks. The proprietary FALCON LINER is a sprayed-on polymer coating that is environmentally-safe and adheres to a variety of surfaces, providing a seamless, durable layer of protection. It can be applied to new or existing tanks, bases, concrete revetments and other equipment. The FALCON LINER is highly resistant to corrosion or damage due to chemicals or weather, virtually eliminating the risk of leaks or other environmental issues.

Repurposing waste material for productive use

CARBO works with its suppliers and customers to responsibly use off-specification proppant and waste materials. Because ceramic proppant is durable, inert and stable, it performs well as fill material for roads and other similar uses. Using scrap proppant in this way puts a waste material to good use and keeps it out of landfills and saves valuable disposal space.

Use of energy-efficient lighting in new manufacturing plants

CARBO has installed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout its new manufacturing plant in Millen, Georgia. In addition to saving significant amounts of electrical energy, LED lighting also operates with a much greater lifetime than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. This translates to less waste generated through disposal of spent fluorescent bulbs and tubes, and no hazardous waste sent to landfills.

Energy-efficient offices

Energy Center II, our headquarters office in Houston, Texas USA, is a LEED Certified office building, according to United States Green Building Council specifications. Energy Center II also meets the US EPA’s Energy Star Certified Building standard.

Social responsibility

Award-winning safety

Our HSE program is modeled on industry best-in-class standards, and we regularly receive recognition for safety achievements from a variety of professional organizations, including the Georgia Mining Association, the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals, the Industrial Minerals Association of North America and the Louisiana Chemical Association.

Conflict minerals

CARBO understands that the extraction, transportation and trade of certain mineral ores, such as gold or their derivatives, tin (cassiterite), tungsten (wolframite) and tantalum (columbite-tantalite or coltan), takes place in countries where significant human rights abuses are ongoing.  Consistent with our values and applicable law, CARBO does not engage in, support or participate in activities that contribute to these abuses.

Driving safety

Vehicle accidents are a significant risk to workers in the field of oil and gas production and their supporting service companies and providers. In response to this risk, CARBO conducts driving safety training to improve the ability of our employees to drive safely in hazardous and unfamiliar conditions.

Responsibility to employees

As well as focusing on workplace safety, we emphasize the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Responsibility to the community

We are diligent in recognizing our social responsibility within the communities where we work. We strive to lead by example, both by the Company and its employees donating financially and by participating in many charitable events throughout the year. CARBO supports a variety of community organizations including the American Heart Association, Child Advocates of Houston, the Georgia Mining Association/ GMA Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House of Houston.


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