Manufacturing & supply chain

Manufacturing and supply chain

Our strategically placed manufacturing and distribution facilities ensure that our clients receive high quality sand, ceramic proppant and industrial products every time, wherever and whenever they need them.

In addition to meeting our own product manufacturing requirements, our facilities provide mineral processing capacity for our industrial clients to meet their production demands and provide access to advanced custom manufacturing capabilities¾commercializing new products faster.

Setting the industry standard

CARBO has the capacity to produce over 2 billion pounds of ceramic proppant and industrial products every year. By tracking over 2,000 data points during production, we ensure that every single pellet is highly engineered and precisely produced.

We have five state-of-the-art manufacturing and mineral processing plants – four located in the U.S., and one in Russia. Our world-class manufacturing plants and processes are the result of more than 30 years at the forefront of the industry.

Supply-chain security

We own or control high quality kaolin reserves strategically located near our Georgia and Alabama plants. These reserves provide sufficient feedstock for over a decade of product manufacture at our largest plants. Environmental responsibility and sustainability are integral to the company’s long-term strategy. CARBO ensures that the reclamation of the land we use is returned in its same condition before we arrived.

Effective, efficient distribution

CARBO has one of the most effective distribution networks in the industry. Warehouses and stocking facilities around the globe enable us to stage our products in areas of high demand.


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