Gather and use data from almost any source

The FRACPRO.AI dashboard allows real-time visual representation and tracking of completions data gathered from multiple sources: data files, spreadsheets and any flat file in any digital format. It seamlessly communicates with FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software for real-time fracturing data feed, while open API enables data feeds to and from other platforms.

Cloud storage for instant access, anywhere

The FRACPRO.AI platform consolidates completion data in a single place, ready for analysis, with secure cloud storage of data.

Versatile, complete information

You can store and instantly access any data related to fracture design and execution, including downhole pressures, depths, surface pressures, DFIT, drilling logs and even surface data such as chemical inventory.


  • Storage and instant access to all completions-related data
  • Customized dashboard
  • Secure cloud storage of data with controlled access
  • Upload of historic completion-related data from other sources (e.g. data files, spreadsheets, any flat file in any digital format)
  • Open API to enable data feeds to/from other platforms


  • Real-time visual representation/tracking of hydraulic fracturing jobs
  • Consolidates completion data in a single place, ready for analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis of completions-related data
  • Seamlessly communicates with FRACPRO software for real-time data feed

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